Welcome to my personal website, and thank you so much for your visit! All day long, I could describe my past. I could tell you that I was born in the small Southern town of Thomasville, GA in February of 1992 to a family that has been divided since I can remember. I could go on tell you that I was a very creative child that liked to play pretend; one that enjoyed creating storylines as I played with my toys. I was a little guy that would play dress up in order to transform into adventurous characters. I'd don a hat, a tank top, and dog tags and become my own version of Indiana Jones or I'd throw on a pair of gloves to become Batman! At that time, I would often envision myself becoming an eclectic array of career choices, including a fireman, a teacher, a preacher, a fighter, a plastic surgeon when I grew up, a dentist, a salesman, and many more. I could tell you that I have five sisters and a brother. I could tell you about my fears of darkness and sleeping by myself until I was twelve due to watching too many scary movies. I could tell you about my old limited belief systems and my past insecurities that I would cover up with smiles, laughter, and goofing off until it finally built up to outbursts of tears and temper tantrums. I could tell you about a perceived dark, influential figure in my life that constantly affirmed fear, limitation, and doubt into my childish soul until just after my high school years. (Side note: However, I now understand this was caused by the individual's own inner turmoil and past troubles, thus I forgive him/her.) I could tell you that I have always been a very self-conscious, aware individual whose gears are always turning. I could tell you that hardcore drug, alcohol , and gambling addiction has plagued multiple members of my family for as far back as I can possibly recall. I could tell you about all of the crazy styles and phases I have gone through and how they've shaped who I am in the present. I could tell you about the countless hours I spent daydreaming about running away to a big city in high school. I could tell you about discovering the concept of self-improvement and how it has drastically changed the lens through which I view the world. I could tell you how I secretly planned to one day become famous as a "dorky," scrawny, World of Warcraft playing eleventh grader. I could tell you how I began to consciously mold my image and shape my body at that same point in my life. I could tell you about the beautiful women that I've fallen in love with and how the entirety of those experiences have shaped my perceptions and filled my heart. I could tell you that people have questioned my sexual orientation all throughout my life because of the fact that I care about my looks and because of the fact that I mostly had female influences in my life during my developmental years. I could tell you that others have always described me as weird. I could tell you about all of the books, articles, and other written works that I've read and how they've changed my character for the better. I could tell you about how I became a founding father of a Fraternal Sigma Chi Chapter in college and how it helped develop my senses of business, organization, networking, marketing, and leadership. I could also truthfully tell you that I've always had a genuine passion and curiosity for others; their stories and their thoughts. I could tell you that I've accomplished every single personal goal that I've ever set out to do, thus proving to me that I could, can, and will accomplish anything I choose to believe in! Those that I haven't accomplished are currently in progress. I could tell you how I came to realize that our thoughts form our realities. I could tell you so much more, but in truth, my past is simply a story that I use to reference rather than a reflection of who and what I am.

I could even give you a glimpse into my future. I could tell you that I will deliberately create a life that is in alignment with both my heart and my moral compass. I could tell you that I will always strive to better myself and those around me in terms of mind, body, and spirit. I could confidently tell you that I will inspire others. I could tell you that I will one day be able to afford and create any material possession that I can dream up. I could confidently tell you that I will become very well known, only for the purpose of putting my message out into the universe. I could tell you that I will be the first self-made multimillionaire in my family. I, with the help of other caring individuals, will and am already bettering world as we know it.

However, my past and my future are of little importance. In fact, all that matters is this present moment and what we choose to do with it. It doesn't matter who you are or from where you came; you are not confined to any circumstance! In this moment, you can imagine your own personal concept of the greatest version of yourself and choose become it from now and forever forward. I want to encourage you to let go of any limiting baggage that is weighing you down. Your past, like mine, isn't a reflection of who you are right now. Know that sometimes we must first experience what we are not to know what it is that we truly are. Through my experiences and manifestations, I choose to inspire others to follow their hearts. I aim to inspire you to follow yours! Throughout my existence, I've realized that we each have a different version of what makes us happy. I've also realized that others, whether their intentions are good or maleficent, will try to steer us away from that vision of personal freedom in happiness due to their own limited belief systems, their attachment to us, and/or their past failures and insecurities. 

I simply wish for us to be free to create our lives in a way that gives us fulfillment as long as it isn't affecting others negatively. If I die today and inspired at least one person to take this message to heart, then I believe my job on this plane of existence is complete. There are too many people in our world living their lives from a place of fear and limitation! I know because I've been there, and I see that this affects many if not most people on the planet. Through my living example, I believe it is my personal duty to show others that this isn't how life was originally intended to be! I choose to help create a better world for ourselves, those around us, and the future generations to come. I type this with tears of joy filling my eyes, as I imagine and feel the energy of this improved version of our Earth. No matter who you are or what walk of life you may come from, I believe in you. I love you for all that you are. Follow your heart! <3

-John Jamieson Michaels Jr.